Our certifications and our qualifications

Ferraro Srl consider its Quality Management System as one of the major incentives for employee involvement and improvement of its processes, by basing its own operational choices on the concepts of:

• Fairness, understood as respecting your customer's expectations and commitments;
• Seriousness, understood as the reliability of the works and the operating modes;
• Conformity, understood as respect, achievements and disbursements, contractual and legislative requirements;
• Risk management, understood as an effect of objective uncertainty and therefore an integral part of all organization processes.

The company has the primary goal of supplying services of INSTALLATION AND MAINTENANCE INDUSTRIAL ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS - ELECTRIC PANEL WIRING - DESIGN IN RESPECT OF ART. 5 TIMES 1 AND 7 TIMES 2 - DM 37/08 AND SUCC., To fully meet the needs of their customers.

To achieve this goal, the company declares the following commitments, divided by the timing of their implementation:

1. Maintain and review, at predefined intervals, the Documented Quality System, UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015, which takes full account of the process of delivering the service as well as customer relationship and continuous improvement Of SGQ;
2. To perform services in accordance with the contractual specifications and the applicable laws;
3. Ensure the reliability of its services by ensuring, where applicable, the carrying out of appropriate controls and corrective actions to eliminate potential causes of non-compliance;
4. Manage risk in line with the external and internal context and with the organization's risk profile;
5. Identify synthetic indicators to monitor and "measure" the achievement of risk management objectives in line with the organization's performance indicators.

The Management assures the achievement of the objectives by providing all the resources necessary for the purpose.

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